Arrjava project

Arrjava Warriors are people from the community, who bridge the gap between the medical team and laypeople. Being rooted in the place they grew up in, our Arrjava warriors mobilize the community to access healthcare. Not only this, they also contribute to the economic development of the area by developing, selling and popularizing products indigenous to the places they call home.


In Total Health, Aragonda, they are a team of certified yoga practitioners, who travel from village to village in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, taking classes from early in the morning for the community and through the working day in schools. They end their day with a class for the women in the skill centre. The yoga sessions have helped abate lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, migraines, and asthma in the area.


In Total Health, Amrabad, they are a team of Chenchu tribespeople who are trained in first aid and basic life support so they can cater to the needs of those who live deep within the tiger reserve, people who have no access to healthcare and have to walk distances up to 50 km to deliver a baby or get first aid for a scorpion bite. Over 320 Chenchu tribespeople have been given training as Arrjava Warriors to provide first aid for 18,500 families.


The Arrjava Warrior model is replicated in whichever place we serve. In Krishnapatnam, where we collaborated with Adani Foundation, we selected 8 women, one from each of the villages we cater to, to be Arrjava Warriors. They collect health data and mobilize the community to make use of the medical services being offered.