Alternative Livelihoods


The Arrjava brand is a green-skilling initiative that works with indigenous tribal communities to create locally sourced products and provide livelihood opportunities. At Total Health’s skilling centers, women and men are trained to fashion their traditional crafts to suit urban design needs. Total Health provides market linkages to keep the tribal skills and the craft alive.


Arrjava brings to you, ‘Dance of the Bumblebee’. These candles are handmade by the Chenchu tribe living in Amrabad Tiger Reserve, Telangana, with all-natural beeswax foraged from the forest. Light a candle to release notes of wild jasmine, moist wood, and fresh honey, with hints of citrus. Take a part of the forest with you, wherever you go. Choose from our range of container and taper candles to create a serene ambiance and embrace the natural beauty of these artisanal creations.

Total number of lives impacted : 890


Arrjava honey is harvested by the Chenchu tribe in the Amrabad Tiger Reserve, Telangana. Apollo Foundation’s Arrjava works with the Chenchu tribe to help them sell the honey they have painstakingly collected. The foundation supports this livelihood initiative as a safe, sustainable way of contributing to the financial wellness of the Chenchu tribe living deep within the forest.

Total number of lives impacted : 1340

JUTE - Bags

Within our skilling centers, we take pride in crafting a diverse range of jute bags and folders. These meticulously produced items stand out for their remarkable durability, ensuring they can withstand the test of time and wear. Their versatility is equally notable, as they cater to a multitude of uses, whether it’s carrying essentials, organizing belongings, or adding a touch of eco-friendly flair to daily routines.

Total number of lives impacted : 706


A part of a healthy life is financial well-being. So developing livelihoods and entrepreneurship programmes through skill training for communities, particularly for women, and empowering them to overcome economic challenges is an important limb of Total Health. We collaborate with rural and indigenous tribal communities by offering skill training for employability and green-skilling initiatives to create local products and livelihood opportunities.


Unemployed rural women can upskill themselves and generate income through Total Health’s tailoring programme. It comprises courses designed in making apparel and jute products. The Aragonda centre, established in 2014, has all the required infrastructure facilities with the latest machinery. Since its inception 499 women have undergone training and 50 have been employed. In Amrabad, 30 women have found employment at the jute packaging workshop.

Total number of lives impacted :931


The use of refrigerators and air-conditioners is permeating the lifestyles of rural and semi-urban communities. Here, there is a large gap between the demand and supply of skilled people who can take up servicing and repair of these devices. Recognizing this need, Total Health started the R&AC training centre in Aragonda for men between 17 and 30 years in 2018. The three month curriculum is in collaboration with Blue Star Ltd, which has provided state-of-the-art training models.

Total number of lives impacted : 194