Total Health is committed to delivering world-class healthcare to remote areas in India. In areas where establishing physical clinics is not feasible, we employ mobile clinics and medical camps to extend our services to villages and forests. This ensures that essential healthcare reaches even the most inaccessible regions, guaranteeing everyone the care they deserve.

Health Consults


These are vans equipped with drug stores, a laboratory, a generator and running water, that cover villages in Thavanampalle and Irala mandal. The driver takes a doctor, a nurse and a technician to the doorstep of villagers, where they are offered outpatient services. The space where the vans park, is marked out in consultation with the village leaders, and can be anything from a temple complex, a community-owned property, or even the canopy of a large tree.

Total number of lives impacted: 38688


Shortly after the mobile clinics began operations, two satellite clinics were inaugurated in Thavanampalle and Irala, so the interior rural community could access healthcare. Most patients in Aragonda suffer from hypertension and diabetes that need periodic management and following up. In Amrabad, the satellite clinic in Mallapur mainly treats Chenchu tribal people, who often come with nutritional deficiencies and seasonal and hygiene related illnesses.

Total number of lives impacted: 55528

Health Camps

Total Health conducts NCD health camps in Thavampalle and Irala thrice a week. They benefit 2220 individuals through continuous health management, offering diagnosis, diabetes care, lifestyle guidance. Residents can enroll for six months or one year. Eye screening camps, ongoing since 2017, have screened 4000 people, provided 1500 with spectacles, performed 400 lens implants, and offered free cataract surgeries. More recently, we also started ear screening initiatives.

Total number of lives impacted : 15822



Health check-ups are conducted in all the government schools in Thavanampalle, with almost 70 schools and 7,000 students covered till date. Children are screened for vision, hearing, dental problems, and anaemia. Their respiratory, cardiac and abdominal systems are also examined. For minor ailments, treatment is provided; for major ones, a tracked referral to nearby hospitals is given. A few children with cardiac problems have been provided treatment free of cost at Apollo Hospitals.


In collaboration with the Global Association of Physicians of Indians Origin, Total Health initiated eye screening in Aragonda in January 2017. From 2019 onwards, this is being done in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirupati. Over 4,000 people have been screened with more than 1,500 spectacles provided, intraocular lens implants done for almost 400, and free cataract surgeries carried out. More recently, ear screening has been undertaken.


Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, NCD camps are conducted in Thavampalle and Irala. There are currently 2,220 people who are under continuous health management. Residents can opt for a six-month or a one-year period programme, after paying a nominal sum. NCD clinics focus on diagnosis through testing, foot and eye care for those living with diabetes, advice on lifestyle changes for better health outcomes, and screening for ailments that are a result of NCDs.


Total Health introduces Pre-Post Natal Support for under-served communities, aiming to address the gap in access and awareness of last-mile delivery of healthcare to new mothers and improve the maternal mortality ratio. It includes medically approved protocols for Community Health Workers. Collaborating with Reckitt Benckiser’s ‘Better Start to Life: 1000 Days Adoption’ program, efforts are made to provide a better start for mothers and children during their first 1000 days. A nutrition program supports ASHA workers in distributing supplements to new mothers. These ongoing initiatives enhance overall health and well-being, ensuring necessary support & care during this crucial phase.


Total Health began the practice of Ayurveda in November 2015, in Aragonda, as a pilot project with the aim of recreating interest and restoring faith in traditional Indian systems of healing. To make it more accessible, the delivery mechanism was restructured, and outpatient treatment along with therapies like panchakarma were introduced. As part of their holistic approach, Total Health also reintroduced yoga in 27 villages and 27 Government schools through a team of 9 trainers.

Total number of lives impacted : 6826