Mental Well Being

In 2022, Total Health conducted a baseline survey to map the mental health of beneficiaries categorized as moderate to severe. Total Health prioritizes the mental well-being of its beneficiaries through a variety of initiatives.

Total number of lives impacted : 13470


As part of their holistic approach, Total Health also reintroduced yoga in 27 villages and 27 Government schools through a team of 9 trainers. Regularly conducted by Arrjava Warriors, yoga sessions guide individuals towards inner balance, mental clarity, and emotional resilience. Additionally, Total Health also organizes rural sports events that promote physical activity and foster community spirit among participants.


Meditation sessions are provided to help individuals manage stress, cultivate mindfulness, and achieve mental tranquility. These holistic activities underscore Total Health’s commitment to comprehensive well-being, enabling beneficiaries to lead fulfilling and emotionally stable lives.