Alongside medical treatment, we acknowledge that lifestyle changes and healthful behaviour is equally important. They put those with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and those at risk for disease on the road to better health. Keeping this in mind, Total Health brings people together to foster a sense of community and healthful shared experiences. Total Health has also invested in both sports infrastructure and events in Aragonda and Amrabad.

Sports facilities

The Total Health office complex in Aragonda houses a football ground, a 100 metre and 200 metre walking track, a badminton court, space to play Tennikoit and a gymnasium. There is also a partially closed area for people of the community to attend yoga sessions. Total Health sponsored the first state-level kho-kho premier league at Chittoor. In addition to organising sports tournaments, Total Health provides sports material to support government schools in Thavanamapalle. In Amrabad, this rounded approach has taken shape in the form of a badminton court outside the skilling centre.


Total Health values collaboration, so in 2019, the Apollo Isha Vidhya Niketan was started in Aragonda, with the Isha Foundation. It follows the Andhra Pradesh state board syllabus, with English as a means of instruction. Scholarships are awarded to children who excel. In addition, Total Health has been supporting government schools in maintenance activities such as whitewashing and repair of school buildings and toilets, providing desks, provision of drinking water and toilets, wall paintings, and electrification.


Going beyond transactional or consumption-driven experiences, Total Health is delighted to embrace purpose-driven travel. We aim to integrate nature, social consciousness, and sustainability into the lives of urban natives who seek to lead more meaningful and purposeful existences.