Arrjava stands for the creation of sustainable products, practices, and spaces. Derived from Sanskrit, the word ‘Arrjava’ means honesty and purity. Arrjava connects people to the Indian heartland and gives them a glimpse of how communities in the villages and forests of India live in synergy with the environment around them. In every place that Total Health serves, the philosophy of Arrjava feeds into each pillar of our work: Arrjava products are made at our green skilling workshops; Arrjava Warriors help increase access to healthcare in the community; and Arrjava spaces facilitate greater community outreach.

Arrjava Products

The Arrjava brand is a green-skilling initiative that works with indigenous tribal communities to create locally sourced products and provide livelihood opportunities. At Total Health’s skilling centres, women and men are trained to fashion their traditional crafts to suit urban design needs. Total Health provides market linkages to keep the tribal skills and the craft alive. In October 2022, Arrjava launched its first all-natural beeswax candle, ‘Dance of the Bumblebee’ handmade by the Chenchu tribe of Amrabad. Click here to place an order.


Total Health recruits people from the community as Arrjava Warriors – frontline stewards crucial to every new chapter of the programme. Acting as the knowledge hub, they help the programme team understand the context of work and the values and attitudes of the residents. The Arrjava Warriors, who are trained in basic life support, document health data, mobilize people to participate in health camps and livelihood programmes, facilitate teleconsultations, and conduct community yoga.


Total Health is developing Arrjava spaces for philanthropy in the areas we work, where people from urban centres can come and experience forest and village life. Visitors can volunteer their time, talent, and treasure here. These spaces will facilitate knowledge transfer and also contribute to the economic development of the region by increasing employment opportunities. Click here to learn how you can volunteer.